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Welcome to The Daily Gardener.
I want to send a special shout out to the listeners of the Still Growing Podcast - my original long-format podcast that began in 2012.  Welcome SGP listeners! I’m glad you found the show.
What is the Daily Gardener?

The Daily Gardener is a weekday show.

It will air every day Monday - Friday 

(I’m taking weekends off for rest, family, fun, & gardening!)
The show will debut April 1, 2019. The tagline for the show is thoughts & brevities to inspire growth.

Shows are between 5 - 10 minutes in length.

The format for the show begins with a brief monologue followed by brevities. 

The Brevities segment is made up of 5 main topic areas.

1. Commemoration: Here, I dig up fascinating people, places, and events in horticulture and share them with you. This is the “On This Day” #OTD portion of the show helping you feel more grounded and versed o n the most enchanting stories from the history of gardening.
2. Unearthing Written Work: This is made up of poems, quotes, journal entries, and other inspiring works pertaining to gardening 
3. Book Recommendations: These are the literary treasures that will help you build a garden library, strengthen your gardening know-how and inspire you.
4. Garden Chores: A Daily Garden To-Do; improve your garden one actionable tip at a time
5. Something Sweet: This segment is dedicated to “reviving the little botanic spark” in your heart - to paraphrase botanist Alexander Garden; to add more joy to the pursuit of gardening.

The show sign-off is: "For a happy, healthy life: garden every day"

There are a few easter eggs in the show for Still Growing listeners. I still start the show with - "Hi there, everyone" and I end the show by saying the show is "produced in lovely, Maple Grove, Minnesota”.

The music for the show is called “The Daily Gardener Theme Song” originally dubbed “Bach’s Garden". I wrote it on Garageband. It will be available as a ringtone for your smartphone through the show’s Patreon page.

If you enjoy the show, please share it with your garden friends. I would so appreciate that. 


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(Jennifer Ebeling)
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