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Welcome to The Daily Gardener.
I want to send a special shout out to the listeners of the Still Growing Podcast - my original long-format podcast that began in 2012.  Welcome SGP listeners! I’m glad you found the show.
What is the Daily Gardener?

The Daily Gardener is a weekday show.

It will air every day Monday - Friday 

(I’m taking weekends off for rest, family, fun, & gardening!)
The show will debut April 1, 2019. The tagline for the show is thoughts & brevities to inspire growth.

Shows are between 5 - 10 minutes in length.

The format for the show begins with a brief monologue followed by brevities. 

The Brevities segment is made up of 5 main topic areas.

1. Commemoration: Here, I dig up fascinating people, places, and events in horticulture and share them with you. This is the “On This Day” #OTD portion of the show helping you feel more grounded and versed o n the most enchanting stories from the history of gardening.
2. Unearthing Written Work: This is made up of poems, quotes, journal entries, and other inspiring works pertaining to gardening 
3. Book Recommendations: These are the literary treasures that will help you build a garden library, strengthen your gardening know-how and inspire you.
4. Garden Chores: A Daily Garden To-Do; improve your garden one actionable tip at a time
5. Something Sweet: This segment is dedicated to “reviving the little botanic spark” in your heart - to paraphrase botanist Alexander Garden; to add more joy to the pursuit of gardening.

The show sign-off is: "For a happy, healthy life: garden every day"

There are a few easter eggs in the show for Still Growing listeners. I still start the show with - "Hi there, everyone" and I end the show by saying the show is "produced in lovely, Maple Grove, Minnesota”.

The music for the show is called “The Daily Gardener Theme Song” originally dubbed “Bach’s Garden". I wrote it on Garageband. It will be available as a ringtone for your smartphone through the show’s Patreon page.

If you enjoy the show, please share it with your garden friends. I would so appreciate that. 


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(Jennifer Ebeling)
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May 31, 2019

Why do we garden?
This was a question that was posted in a Facebook group I belong to, and it received over 1400 responses.
The most popular were:

  • its calming
  • to bring beauty into my life
  • to connect with nature
  • healthy food

There's another benefit that many people often overlook: staying physically active.
If you...

May 30, 2019

Today I'm heading over at 1 o'clock to Walmart to pick up my mobile order. It has a ton of things I need to get for my student gardeners. 
When the kids help me out in the garden, I put them in teams of two and I generally have 6 to 8 kids helping me out in the garden on any given day. That means, I need to have...

May 29, 2019

Do you have a little sun trap in your garden?

The perfect spot for an afternoon of lounging while reading your favorite book?

The definition of the sun trap is a small partially-enclosed outdoor space that receives a disproportionate amount of sunlight due to favorable conditions. Think of south-facing areas of...

May 28, 2019

Horticultural experts.
Professors, even.
On the garden path, you can, from time to time, run into people that decimate you faster than a Japanese Beetle on green beans.
Let's just set one thing straight. Gardening is good for you, but people who give garden advice can be bad for you. 
What they fail...

May 24, 2019

Emerson once wrote,
"To science there is no poison; To botany no weed; To chemistry no dirt."
As much as I like this quote, I know most gardeners will beg to differ. To gardeners, there areweeds. As I mentioned in an earlier episode this month, we often forget one key variable in gardening; the gardener. Each of us, as...