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Welcome to The Daily Gardener.
I want to send a special shout out to the listeners of the Still Growing Podcast - my original long-format podcast that began in 2012.  Welcome SGP listeners! I’m glad you found the show.
What is the Daily Gardener?

The Daily Gardener is a weekday show.

It will air every day Monday - Friday 

(I’m taking weekends off for rest, family, fun, & gardening!)
The show will debut April 1, 2019. The tagline for the show is thoughts & brevities to inspire growth.

Shows are between 5 - 10 minutes in length.

The format for the show begins with a brief monologue followed by brevities. 

The Brevities segment is made up of 5 main topic areas.

1. Commemoration: Here, I dig up fascinating people, places, and events in horticulture and share them with you. This is the “On This Day” #OTD portion of the show helping you feel more grounded and versed o n the most enchanting stories from the history of gardening.
2. Unearthing Written Work: This is made up of poems, quotes, journal entries, and other inspiring works pertaining to gardening 
3. Book Recommendations: These are the literary treasures that will help you build a garden library, strengthen your gardening know-how and inspire you.
4. Garden Chores: A Daily Garden To-Do; improve your garden one actionable tip at a time
5. Something Sweet: This segment is dedicated to “reviving the little botanic spark” in your heart - to paraphrase botanist Alexander Garden; to add more joy to the pursuit of gardening.

The show sign-off is: "For a happy, healthy life: garden every day"

There are a few easter eggs in the show for Still Growing listeners. I still start the show with - "Hi there, everyone" and I end the show by saying the show is "produced in lovely, Maple Grove, Minnesota”.

The music for the show is called “The Daily Gardener Theme Song” originally dubbed “Bach’s Garden". I wrote it on Garageband. It will be available as a ringtone for your smartphone through the show’s Patreon page.

If you enjoy the show, please share it with your garden friends. I would so appreciate that. 


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Feb 28, 2022

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Historical Events
1533 Birth of Michel Eyquem de Montaigne (books by this author), also known as Lord of Montaigne, French Renaissance philosopher. He was a prolific writer and was famous for his anecdotes. He once wrote,
I want death to find me planting my cabbages, neither worrying about it nor the unfinished gardening.”
1828 On this day, Frederick William Beechey (books about this person) wrote to William Jackson Hooker (books about this person) to apologize for sending an inferior collection of specimens. He explained that the expedition's collector opted to play the violin seven hours each day instead of exploring and gathering plants.
1844 The New England Journal published a little notice about a use for the milky sap of Sumac:
[It] is the best indelible ink that can be used. 
Break off one of the stems that support the leaves, and write... 
In a short time it becomes a beautiful jet black, and can never be washed out.
1877 Birth of André Simon (books by this author), French wine merchant, wine expert, and writer. In The Concise Encyclopedia of Gastronomy (1952), André wrote,
Beans... possess over all vegetables the great advantage of being just as good, if not better, when kept waiting, an advantage in the case of people whose disposition or occupation makes it difficult for them to be punctual at mealtime.
Grow That Garden Library™ Book Recommendation
Hill House Living by Paula Sutton
This book came out late in 2021, and the subtitle is The Art of Creating a Joyful Life.
Paula's book is a delight. It's part antique-hunting, part gardening, and part a celebration of the seasons.
A beloved British design and fashion influencer, Paula left her busy life in London at age 50 and started over in a gorgeous cottage home in the country.
Paula likes to say she traded catwalks for dog walks (she has a beautiful lab) and couture for manure.
A master of styling with vintage treasures in the home and outside in the garden, Paula shares all of her top tips and tricks for bargain hunting, repurposing, and incorporating old and new in a way that feels fresh, simple, and stylish.
As a person, Paula is positive, generous, and authentic. You will love following her on social and having a little bit of her genius right on your bookcase, coffee table, or bedside table (which is where mine is as I write this ;).
You can get a copy of Hill House Living by Paula Sutton and support the show using the Amazon link in today's show notes for $15.
Botanic Spark
1865 Birth of Arthur William Symons (books by this author), British poet, critic, and magazine editor. Here's an excerpt from his poem, Lillian, which appreciates the green powers of the hot-house:
This was a sweet white wildwood violet
I found among the painted slips that grow
Where, under hot-house glass, the flowers forget
How the sun shines, and how the cool winds blow.
Thanks for listening to The Daily Gardener
And remember: For a happy, healthy life, garden every day.